Human Resources Policy
Our goal is to transform Özsüt into a profitable and successful brand that develops best practices in retail and production and delivers the best service and flavor in the food & beverage industry, both inside and outside Türkiye.

To that end, we continuously work to attract talent while developing our existing team and their skills. Özsüt boasts an engaged, happy, innovative, creative, productive, and dynamic team that delivers the projects that support Özsüt’s goals.

As an innovative organization, Özsüt utilizes the world's leading cloud-based human resources platform in its HR processes. The platform enables employees to generate value in a systematic manner through simple, smart and useful features that augment their daily work.


General Principles of Human Resources Policy
Recruitment and Orientation In our company, we implement a competency-based recruitment process. In our recruitment process, we determine the behavioral and technical competencies of the relevant positions. We try to reach the best candidates through rich resources such as our website, internet and dealer portal, professional selection and placement companies, Employment Agency, social media accounts, career days of universities. In addition to a rigorous and multi-stage interview process, we involve personality inventories and assessment centers where needed. Every new employee joining us is subjected to an orientation program consisting of theoretical and on-the-job practices suitable for his position and job requirements.

Training and Development
We have annual training plans that we have created in order to ensure the continuous development of our employees and to be a guide in their careers. Considering the training needs assessment surveys, individual demands and the requirements of our annual business plan, we implement the trainings in-house or through professional training companies. We benefit from applied films in the training of our store teams. We use permanent, practical training practices with very rich titles such as Sales Increasing Techniques, Food Safety and Quality Standards, Service and Service Standards, Machine and Equipment Maintenance, Food Preparation Techniques, Barista Training. We support both the continuation of our taste traditions and rotations between departments within the scope of the 'Learning with the Masters' program for our employees involved in production.

Performance management
At ÖZSÜT, we implement a Target and Competency Oriented Performance Management System. We determine the targets of our employees as specific, measurable, attainable, result-oriented and time-anticipated in parallel with the annual targets of the company and register them in the system at the beginning of each year. We record the results of performance evaluation interviews conducted face to face with our employees over the cloud platform, and use the outputs of the system in determining training and development needs, preparing annual training plans, determining talent and development planning, and remuneration studies.

Talent Management and Career Planning
It is one of our highest priorities to ensure that our employees who always reach their goals, develop their competencies, prepare themselves for the responsibilities required by higher positions and are willing to take responsibility, regardless of their level and level, are evaluated in the best way. Employees are given the opportunity to develop themselves and their career plans are made accordingly. We give priority to our current employees for the managerial positions needed in our fast-growing company.

Every year, we traditionally organize a Spring Festival with the participation of all our employees. With Sweet Break Activities, we host our expert guests and provide information and experience sharing. We reward the achievements of our employees and teams from each unit with the competitions we organize as part of the 'Employee of the Month Application'.