About Us

About Us

Since 1938, Özsüt has been making desserts that taste like happiness, using nothing but the freshest ingredients!

There are two secrets behind these recipes that you cannot get enough of: the unique flavors created by such fresh ingredients, and our expertise of 84 years... It all started with a dessert chef who had worked at the palace kitchen before starting his own dessert shop to practice his business in the Republic era. He passed on his expertise to his nephew, who started his own business in turn. Initially, he only sold yogurt and kaymak before expanding to desserts, with kazandibi the first dessert ever made by Özsüt, which is still made using its original recipe.


This is how Özsüt's brand journey begins with Sefer Urlulu or Sefer Usta as everyone knows it, in a 16 square meter shop in İzmir Kemeraltı in 1938! The story of Özsüt, which continues with his son İbrahim Urlulu, who inherited the flag from Sefer Usta, is spreading rapidly all over Turkey with the franchising system in 1996.

Today, it continues to host its guests as one of the most established brands in Turkey with its more than 150 stores in 45 cities and 5 branches abroad.

Continuing its adventure by producing traditional desserts, Özsüt became more famous especially in the 70s and 80s and became one of the leading names in İzmir.

From its solitary location in Alsancak in 1991, Özsüt began a major growth drive led by İbrahim Urlulu, establishing a large-scale production network and store chain and reaching 20 locations in 2002.

The brand also expands overseas by opening three stores in Azerbaijan, and adding two more locations in the country since then. Guided by the consultancy of world-renowned pastry chef Karim Bourgi, Özsüt complemented its traditional flavors with amazing examples of world cuisine as it continues to make a name for itself inside and outside Türkiye on its journey of flavor.

Today, Özsüt continues to offer an expansive menu ranging from world dishes to millennia-old recipes that were almost lost to time.

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