Cheese plate (ezine cheese, tulum cheese, breaded crispy cheese, string cheese), olive plate (green and black olives marinated in olive oil infused with spices), veggie plate (tomato, cucumber, green pepper, fresh mint, olive oil), Özsüt nomadic walnut paste, french fries, pine honey, Özsüt cream, spicy butter, 2 kinds of Özsüt jam, eggs with sujuk, Özsüt pastry with cheese, seasonal fruit plate.
Sliced vegetable plate, feta cheese, tulum cheese, salami, boiled egg or fried egg, honeydew honey, Özsüt cream, Mediterranean herbs, bagel, tea.

Summer starts with Özsüt for 85 years! Refreshing flavors abound in Özsüt’s Summer Menu!

Özsüt ready for summer 2023 with its highly anticipated Summer Menu!
The Summer Menu, which is full of flavors befitting Özsüt’s 85 th year, will be available in all Özsüt locations starting May. The menu, predominantly featuring light desserts prepared with fresh fruits such as lemon, strawberry, and raspberry, include dozens of new flavors from breakfast options to lunch and dinner, from milk and syrup-based desserts to exquisite cakes, and from refreshing ice creams to ice-cold special beverages. Extraordinary treats like the Limmu Cake, the famous Portuguese tart Nata, and the delightful Kazandibi Ice Cream will accompany the most joyous occasions of Özsüt's guests throughout this summer.

Flavors as refreshing as they are delightful, at Özsüt

Özsüt’s ice creams offer a delicious respite from the summer heat!
Özsüt opens the ice cream season with brand-new varieties. Özsüt combines freshly picked fruits with daily farm milk to create an amazing selection of ice creams, which are sure to become the sweetest respite from the heat of the summer!

A special thanks to loyal customers!

Özsüt is launching a special campaign to express its gratitude to loyal customers, franchisees, and employees, who have been part of its brand journey of 85 years from a humble ice-cream store to an international chain with 150 branches in 45 provinces of Türkiye and seven locations in Azerbaijan. Özsüt remains true to its roots and employs skilled artisans who combine traditional methods and the brand’s passion for innovation to create peerless flavors every day. With a 10,000-square meter production facility and a 1,500-square meter cold storage facility, Özsüt provides employment for approximately 3,000 people and produces 120,000 servings of cake, 150,000 servings of milk-based desserts, 20,000 servings of syrup-based desserts, 10 tonnes of ice cream, and 7 tonnes of pastry that are enjoyed across Türkiye every single day.

We remain faithful to our heritage, offering delicious sweets prepared with daily farm milk, just like on our first day.