Özsüt is a brand born in Izmir and has become synonymous with flavor. Driven by a professional team, it has grown across Türkiye and is in the process of gradually expanding overseas.Özsüt aims to continue its growth with each passing day and each new project, and endeavors to make its expansion and achievements sustainable.

 Since its establishment in 1938 and its first location in Kemeraltı, Özsüt has always favored a management approach that focuses on the expansion of its store network and product range, and utilizes its resources effectively for that particular purpose.

Özsüt employs an operating structure that is designed to demonstrate the company’s responsibility to business partners and customers, and is designed to take into account the economics and demographics of the location of its existing franchise network as well as potential new investments, as well as local needs and values. Fully aware of its responsibilities, Özsüt embraces its commitments to business partners and customers in its operations through “sustainable” working policies.

Guided by the philosophy that values successful investments as enablers of sustainability, Özsüt endeavors to transfer its sectoral expertise to new business partners, colleagues and guests across the country.

Özsüt’s sustainability policy also drives the company to offer the best and most natural products to its customers with the best service.

Growth Strategy

Özsüt’s journey of flavor, which began in Kemeraltı, Izmir in 1938, continues today with tens of thousands of daily customers and 3,500 employees in more than 150 locations across 45 provinces of Türkiye and five overseas locations in Baku, Azerbaijan.

In addition to the franchising system carried out under the STP Gıda brand, Özsüt’s growth is also driven by a series of new investments and projects that were launched after its acquisition by Infinity Invest Holding in 2014. 

Özsüt aims to make a difference in the industry with its extensive range of milk desserts to cakes, pastry to ice cream, kaymak, chocolate, hot and cold beverages, and other local and international products, as well as its “Tatlı Mola” brand that operates in organized retail, producing milk desserts and cakes for other brands.

Özsüt offers many benefits to its franchises, including high-profit margin products as well as support in the form of training, consultancy, architectural design, and logistics.

A Solid Investment and the Privileges of Becoming an Özsüt Franchisee

One of Türkiye’s most well-known and popular brands with its 84 years of history, Özsüt has adopted the franchising model in 1996 to drive its consistent and strong growth.

It offers a variety of advantages to investors, including the selection of the ideal location and consultancy in operational management for increased productivity.

Candidates can start the process by simply signing up on the Özsüt website and providing us with their personal information and filling an application form. Visit the Özsüt website, fill the form, and join the constantly growing Özsüt family.

Why Özsüt?
  • Reputation as a Popular, Market Leading Brand with a Robust Network of Franchises

  • Deep-Rooted Experience and Expertise Dating back to 1938

  • Recognition of the Özsüt Brand

  • Growth Momentum

  • Quick Returns on Investment

  • Diverse Range of Fresh, Quality, Healthy, and Delicious Products

  • High Quality Service

  • Compliance with Ministry of Health Hygiene Standards

  • Modern Store Design

  • Architectural Project Support

  • Training Support

  • Marketing Competence

  • Strong Logistics

Advantages of an Özsüt Franchisee
  • Own your own business

  • Benefit from the expertise and know-how of Özsüt’s professional staff, and the low-risk nature of your business

  • Enjoy the convenience of being part of a brand that is highly-popular across the country, particularly among younger people

  • Continuously renew yourself and your team with the training support offered by Özsüt

Services Offered to Franchisees
  • Location Selection and Feasibility Analysis

  • Pre-Opening Personnel Training Planning and Implementation

  • General and Local Marketing Support

  • Product and Service Standardization

  • R&D Guided by Award-Winning Chefs to Evolve the Rich Product Range based on Current Consumer Habits

Join the Özsüt Family In 7 Steps
The first step to becoming an Özsüt franchisee is to fill out the Özsüt Franchisee Application Form. The form is available on the Özsüt website.
Özsüt’s franchising team conducts preliminary interviews with the applicants and provides information about the system. Promising candidates are invited to the head office for a face-to-face interview.
Selected candidates are offered to sign a preliminary protocol that marks the beginning of their entrance to the franchise system. Candidates are informed about Özsüt’s location criteria and offered guidance about finding the most suitable location.
The candidate submits the required documentation and signs a franchise contract with Özsüt.
Özsüt’s architectural design team creates a design project for the franchisee, and the construction of their new store commences.
While the construction of the store is underway, Özsüt’s operations team offers guidance and consultancy to the new franchisee in their hiring process and to help prepare them for the opening.
When the preparations are completed by the operations team, the opening of the new store is scheduled.
Frequently Asked Questions for Joining the Özsüt Family
What Are the Franchise Requirements?

Özsüt has a thorough selection process for investors. Candidates applying for a franchise are evaluated against a certain criteria. Prioritized eligibility criteria include commercial and industrial background as well as adequacy of financial resources.

Candidates who are prudent merchants and have a clean commercial background are prioritized for consideration. Their financial resources must be evidenced by the necessary documents to be suitable for making such an investment. While industrial experience is a plus, candidates with no industrial experience may also be granted franchise rights as part of the franchise system. 

What Is the Scope of Franchise Services?

Selection of the store location, project design and investment feasibility study are the services provided to investor candidates before store opening. Following the completion of the store selection process, Özsüt provides all services related to the selection of the appropriate concept and menu, the creation of the staff recruitment and training program before the opening, the preparation of the store for the opening and ensuring a smooth store opening. The franchise owners will be able to enjoy periodic menu and staff training services and have access to financial consultancy services when necessary.

Are There Any Franchise-specific Differences in Products and Services?

All Özsüt branches serve products of the same quality and taste, however there are also different menu options depending on the needs and location of the store. Menus may be categorized as Dessert, Café, Café 2.0 and Premium. While all Özsüt products are included in the menus, the food offered may differ based on the store.

What Are the Strengths of Your Franchise?

Özsüt's long-established image dating back to its inception in 1938, which was further fortified as being one of the first franchisers in Türkiye as of 1991, high level of customer trust, production power and volume, innovative approach, stores spanning Türkiye with a successful logistics operation that deliver daily and fresh products may be listed as key advantages.

What Are the Franchise Goals?

Özsüt strives to increase the number of its branches and expand its overseas operations.

How to Apply?

Franchisee candidates who wish to be part of the long-established Özsüt Family may fill out the application form on the website and submit it to Özsüt.